terça-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2009

life is a book

(Read this text listening to this song: Jason Mraz - Details In The Fabric)

Life is a book. You can divide a book into chapters. And you can divide it the way you want to. If you want each chapter can be a year, it can be a month, it can be a week. Maybe it can be a day. Or it can even be an hour. A chapter can change your entire story. Or it can’t make any difference at all. You can find love in a chapter, and pain in the next one. You can cry a whole chapter of your life and you can smile during many of them. You can look back at the last chapter and find out that a little thing made the greatest change.

While you live you learn that love can born in a day, and die in the very next one. You find out that you can’t say that your biggest mistake it’s your biggest regret, because it brought you the greatest thing that could have ever happen to you. You realize that it doesn’t matter how many times someone breaks your heart, you’ll keep looking for love. And you’ll find love at the least expected place. You realize that your dreams are growing each day, and you can’t keep waiting for them to become true, you are the one who can make them become real. You realize how five days can change not only your life, but how five days are able to change you. You find out that those who made you laugh once can be the one to make you cry and drench you in pain. And you’ll find out that God is the only One who is able to heal the scars in your heart. And you’ll realize that no matter how much you try to lock your heart in a chest and hide the key, someone will always find a way to this key. You’ll find out that after every storm the sun shines brighter than before. You’ll find out that you’re normal just like everyone else. And you’ll find out that there’s no one normal out there. You’ll find out that a song can express your whole life. And then you’ll realize that your life is completely different of the songs you listen to. And that your life is not like the movies.

And you’ll realize that your life is not like any book you have ever read. Your life is a unique book. You’re the one that write your story.

And you’ll find out that the end of the chapter is not the end. It’s just the begging of a new one. A new beginning. And you will realize new things, you will find out a whole new world in this new chapter. And you can write it in your own way. You’ll make things according to what you have learned. You’ll make your mistake turn into right. You’ll make your regrets turn into new life. You’ll write a whole new story, but it will be just a new chapter. Another chapter of your life.

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  1. UAU! AMEI! Mesmo! :D
    Fala sobre tudo o que é considerado clichê, mas você conseguiu sair do lugar-comum, e fala sobre tudo o que as vezes todos queremos falar, mas não conseguimos expressar!
    ADOREI mesmo! :D

    Quanto a música, podemos dizer que a ouvimos AO VIVO! :D Para poucos, minha filha! HAHAHAHA


  2. Adorei o texto! Muito bom, assim como todos aqui do blog ^^