sábado, 6 de junho de 2009

you've got all the friends you need. ♥ 13 days.

okay, this post will be in English for one reason: I want a lot of people to understand it.
Last thursday, when in the Jonas Brothers live chat, a girl wrote:
"Nick, you're cute. Joe, you're kind. Kevin, you're in the corner."
What ? How could anyone say that ? So now there's a campaign to support Kevin Jonas, and show the WORLD that Jonas Brothers are 3, not 2! Kevin is part of the band too! Without him the Jonas Brothers would never be the same. He's a great musician and a wonderfull person.
So we are using a sentence that Danielle Deleasa wrote in her twitter (Danielle is Kevin's gf):
If Kevin is on the corner I'll be with him.
So Kevin, I'm with you! And you're not in the corner! Cause nobody puts Kevin in the corner!
Get away false JB's fans!

And by the way, in 13 days I'll be HOME!

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  1. So true! :D I surprised when I noticed that this entry is in English! I wish I would have so good talent in Englisht that I could write my blog in English, too..

    I have a horrible couch at the moment.. it's almost impossible to me to sleep.. If I can't sleep today, I could for example write FINALLY a letter for you! I have no idea how it's possible to be in hurry all the time :(

    Terveisiä! (= Greetings!)