segunda-feira, 31 de agosto de 2009

high school never dies

you miss what you lost. but what did you lose ? you think it became a ghost. but it's alive. as i told you before, we do not have that room. we do not have our happy written walls anymore. but that's okay. that was just a place. cement. it can fall. but the memories... oh, the greatest memories. they'll never fall. never. cause they were not cement made. they were built with friendship, laughts and love. and will never die. high school is still alive. and it will remain forever.
ouvindo: paramore - brick by boring brick

Ferna's, esse post é dedicado à você. Escrevi o texto hoje de manhã. (: Saudades. Love ya.

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  1. lindo...só isso... lindo!
    Obrigado Luh, você é uma pessoa muito especial para mim! te amo mto