terça-feira, 26 de maio de 2009

i'll always find my way back home

no matter where i am. i'll aways be the same girl who dreamed of big towns and a big library at home with all the best books in the whole world. the same girl who dreamed of hollywood and london at 5pm. the one who wanted the cold of finland and the heat of the caribbean. the one who wanted to live in a medieval era, but with internet. the one that with 16 years old said: "i'm gonna study international relations" and never gave up, no matter what people said. the one who is writing the same book for about two years (and it's not even in the middle of it!!). the one who writes songs, but just the lyrics. the one who danced high school musical and had no shame of it. the one who dances hannah montana no matter where. yeah, i'm the same mad-young-blonde-piratesofthecaribbeanlover-obssessedwiththejonas-twilighter-greendayforever-lordoftheringsisthebest-narniarocks-paramoreisaband-disneyteam-brazilian girl that i used to be when i lived in montes claros. no worries. even if i change, i'll find my way back home. (:

ouvindo: hannah montana - you'll always find your way back home

2 comentários:

  1. Just loooooved ur post honeey... but u forgot harrypotter xPPP

  2. I did not forget. I just don't love it as I used to. I stoped loving it in the end of 2007.